Best Carpet Cleaning Product: Stain Removal Reviews and Advice

Carpet Cleaning Product

Families, particularly those with kids and pets, know that keeping carpets clean is an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, the right products can simplify the task.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Product

One of the best carpet cleaning products on the market is Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner.  Reviews indicate that Resolve Triple Action removes stains without scrubbing.  Results are excellent, surpassing the results of even rental carpet shampooer machines.

The process is quick; no time consuming, inconvenient steps required.  It even lifts old, set in stains.

The Bissell Little Green is another excellent option.  The Little Green lifts and removes stains and pet odors.  It has a long cord for easy portability.  The scent is light and clean.

The machine is easy to use and even includes an upholstery attachment.  The concentrated formula of the cleaning solution reduces packaging waste.

Woolite Oxy Deep Spot and Stain carpet cleaner is like magic in a bottle.  Consumers love it because it removes stains quickly with little effort, doesn’t harm carpet fibers and leaves a pleasant scent.

Woolite Oxy Deep is an effective carpet stain removal product that works on set-in stains and also removes odors.  Spray just a small amount of this cleaner on an old stain, and it soon becomes history.

Resolve’s carpet concentrate for use in steam cleaners also works wonders.  Consumers love the professional results achieved with this product and the price – less than $10.  It is highly concentrated, so it is powerful and uses less packaging.

While removing dirt and stains, it also protects against new stains.

The Best Dry Carpet Cleaning Product

One dry carpet cleaning option is the Woolite Rug Stick.  The product is a cleansing foam that is sprayed onto the carpet, scrubbed in with the rug stick, and then vacuumed away.  For less than $20, the Woolite Rug Stick removes ground in dirt for fresh, clean carpets.  It is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

Selecting an At-Home Carpet Cleaning Product or Shampooer

At home carpet shampooers and steamers can vary in price and effectiveness.  One of the highest-rated models on the market is the Hoover SteamVac.  For only around $135, the SteamVac packs a lot of power for the price.  Some of its features are:

  • 12 amp motor;
  • separate tanks for clean and dirty water;
  • the Clean Surge feature, a button that squirts an extra dose of cleaner for resistant stains; and
  • upholstery attachment.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Products and Services

Chem-Dry is a popular carpet cleaning service for homeowners seeking professional carpet cleaning because of its quick drying time and the availability of discount coupons.  Carpets are chemically cleaned and dry within a couple hours after treatment.

Chem-Dry touts its PURT system (pet urine removal) as the best option to remove pet odors.  However, consumer reviews indicate that not only is this ineffective, but the odor is actually worse for several days after cleaning.

Also estimates are given over the phone when service is scheduled.  When the technician arrives and measures the areas to be cleaned, the actual price can vary greatly from the original estimate.

Stanley Steemer services can be inconvenient because of the extensive drying time of 1-2 days.  However, the steam cleaning process is highly effective and is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers.  Thanks to the steaming process, there are no chemical odors.

The carpet cleaning price is comparable between Chem-Dry and Stanley Steemer.

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