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Contrary to what many companies believe, most employees want to work for environmentally friendly companies. Even though this may not have been a concern in years past, the last few generations of workers have spent progressively more time focusing on their environmental impact, including natural resource use by their employer.  If you are someone who is just entering the workforce, you may be interested in finding the most environmentally friendly companies that agree with your ecological philosophies.

5 Most Environmentally Friendly Companies

While some companies may have long way to go when it comes to being environmentally friendly corporations, others have been making great strides for decades when it comes to helping the environment.  After working with three leading environmental research organizations, Newsweek has determined that the following companies are the most environmentally friendly corporations for 2010:

1.   Dell

2.   Hewlett Packard

3.   IBM

4.   Johnson and Johnson

5.   Intel

To be considered the most environmentally friendly companies in the United States, all of these companies had to provide proof of how they have lowered energy costs, hazardous material waste, carbon emissions, and overall waste in their production of products and services.  Even though these three are considered the top environmentally friendly companies in the United States, it is important to realize that many companies are making great strides to be greener.  To see what your company’s overall green rating, feel free to look at News Weeks 100 Tops Ratings.

Benefits of Going Green in the Office

In the past, many corporations and small businesses felt that ‘going green’ was not only a waste of time, but monetary resources.  Today, however, many companies are finding out that this is actually quite the opposite.

For many companies, going green can reduce expenses or increase your overall revenue by:

  • Lowering Electricity and Water Bills
  • Lowering Costs for Supplies
  • Increasing the Life of Computer Equipment
  • Increasing Employee productivity

Going Green in the Office

Unlike in times past, going green does not need a huge budget or a great deal of effort, just the initiative to want to go green.  If you are a small business, don’t worry this will not cost a great deal of money and will not take much effort.

One of the most common ways that many small businesses go green is by cutting down their overall electricity costs.  Instead of leaving on computers in your workplace all night, consider turning off computers once employees leave. This is the most common way that small businesses lose money and waste a great deal of electricity.  As well as decreasing overall utility costs, this will also increase the lifespan of your computers and lower the overall temperature in your office space.  Another simple idea that you can do in the office, is provide a recycling unit for paper and other recyclables.

For those who are truly inspired to go green in the office, and have the means to do so, you may also want to eventually consider adding solar panels to your building, toilets that use less water, and perhaps even a commuting program for your employees.  In time, your employees will thank you for all your efforts and you will find you have earned a strong reputation in your community for being a green corporation.

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