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green cleaning products

Looking for the best green cleaning product? We have green cleaning product reviews, and information on eco friendly, earth conscious natural cleaning product

When it comes time for spring cleaning, many of us are looking for green cleaning products.  Looking at all the products that are on the shelf today, it is not too surprising that it can quickly become an overwhelming task if you are trying to find the best natural cleaning products on the market.  Since we know how frustrating it can be to figure out which green cleaning products are the best, we are providing our own green cleaning products reviews just for you.

Which are the best Green Cleaning Products

Nearly every brand today has their own line of green cleaning products that are currently being sold at your favorite grocery store.  Looking at the back of these cleaners, however, it is easy to see why people are unsure what is really a natural cleaning product, and which products are nothing but hype.  One of the best ways to determine which cleaning products are truly natural is going with brands that are well known for not only selling green cleaning products, but following a green policy with their business plan.

Today, the most well known natural cleaning product companies are:

  • Seventh Generation
  • Method
  • Sun and Earth

While there is a variety of different cleaning products on the market, these are the three well known brands in the market of green cleaning products.  Just because these brands are well known for their cleaners, however, doesn’t mean that they are truly the best.  Through our own product testing and comparison to other reviews, we are providing you with the best unbiased green cleaning product reviews.

Green Cleaning Products: Floor Cleaners

When it comes to natural cleaning products, no one can beat Method when it comes to cleaning floors.  In our test room, we found that Method’s Squirt and Mop Wood Floor Cleaner cleaned dirt and spills from wood floors better than most of the leading commercial cleaners.  As well, the cleaner’s natural almond scent natural deodorizes your room without the need for harsh deodorizers.

Green Cleaning Products: All Purpose Cleaners

After testing all of these cleaners in our kitchen, we found that both Method and Seventh Generation were tied when it comes to cleaning messy, sticky spills on countertops.   Both did an excellent job of cleaning messes.   While Method’s cleaner does have a refreshing grapefruit scent, we found that it did aggravate allergies if it was used in a large amount, making it the second choice if you are sensitive to allergens.

Green Cleaning Products: Dishwashing Detergent

If there is one complaint people have about natural cleaners, it is typically with dish detergents.  While we want to say that most natural cleaners do a better job, many are lacking when it comes to dishwashing detergent.  The only one we found that could deal with nasty dishes left overnight in the dishwasher was Sun and Earth.  This cleaner not only cleaned the dishes, but left them all looking sparkling clean.

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