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For those of us who love green tea, finding the healthiest green tea on the market can be challenging.  Every company claims that their green tea is the best and healthiest on the market, but what determines which brand of tea is actually the best green tea on the market?  While some may think that green tea’s health properties are all marketing, science has been able to help answer the question of which is the healthiest green tea.

Determining the Healthiest Green Tea

Through vigorous studies, science has determined that tea is one of the healthiest drinks currently on the market.  The secret to green tea is actually the catechins that are in the tea itself.  In the tea, catechins create the bitterness and astringency that we appreciate in a variety of teas.  While this component is in nearly every type of tea, green tea has the largest quantity of catechins due to the way it is harvested.

So, what makes catechins so special?  When most of us think of the health properties of green tea, we think of its abilities as a very powerful antioxidant.  The more catechins that are actually in the tea, the more effective this tea is as an antioxidant, providing an easy measure for “the healthiest tea.”

Finding the Best Green Tea

In 2003, the study “Catechins Content of Tea” was released, which studied the long term effects of catechins and which teas on the market had the largest amount of this beneficial chemical.  Through the best part of this study, it was determined that the healthiest green tea on the market was actually caffeinated.  While we may think caffeine would counter the tea’s healthy effects, it actually does the opposite, providing twice the quantity of catechins as its decaffeinated counterpart.

Healthiest Green Tea Brand

Through the study, it was determined that Celestial Seasoning Authentic Green Tea was actually the healthiest green tea brand on the market.  Compared to every other brand on the market, it had the highest concentration of catechins with 105.7 milligrams per serving.    While it was considered as the healthiest tea, there were four other brands that the study considered to be healthy green tea brands.

1.   Lipton Green Tea

2.   Uncle Lee’s Green Tea

3.   Bigelow

4.   Darjeeling Blend

Along with testing the amount of catechins in this tea, it was also determined that the best way to drink green tea is hot.  Through the process of bottling or adding flavoring green tea, valuable catechins are lost, decreasing the amount of antioxidants per serving.  So, the next time you decide you are thirsty, make sure to have a nice hot cup of green tea to boost your health.

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