Best Zep Cleaning Products: Eco-Friendly Cleaners for Commercial Use

Zep Cleaning Products

Zep, Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of Zep cleaning products created in Atlanta, Georgia in 1937.  Zep was created by Mandle Zaban, Sam Zaban, William Eplan and Sam Powell with a $6,000 loan against one of the founder’s life insurance policies.

Despite the country’s timid recovery after the Great Depression, sales in 1937 totaled almost $100,000.   Erwin Zaban, son of Mandle, took over the business after leaving high school at age 15.  In 1962 Zep Manufacturing Company merged with National Linen Service, forming National Service Industries, Inc.

Along the way, NSI purchased Selig Industries and Enforcer Products, Inc.  Together these groups became Acuity Specialty Products, Inc., which later became Zep, Inc.

The Full Line of Zep Cleaning Products

Today Zep supplies chemicals for maintenance and sanitation to over 300,000 customers, not only in major US cities, but around the world and on five continents.

Zep is known for its world-class product development and its highly knowledgeable group of customer service representatives.  They have professional chemists on staff available for technical assistance.  Zep maintains a strict commitment to regulatory standards such as OSHA.  Zep, Inc. is certified ISO-9001 & 14001.

Zep products include:

  • sanitizers
  • bathroom cleaners
  • carpet cleaners
  • skin care
  • Zep hand cleaner
  • car wash products
  • laundry products
  • food service products
  • industrial cleaners
  • Zep grout cleaner
  • Zep wood floor cleaner, and many more.

Customers of Zep Cleaning Products

Zep produces more than 3500 different items for use by a wide base of customers in many different industries, including the following:

  • government
  • food processing
  • hospitality
  • automotive
  • manufacturing
  • car washing
  • municipalities

Zep products are available for individual or commercial purchase.  Product lines offered by Zep, Inc. include Zep, Zep Professional, Zep Commercial, and Enforcer.  Zep Commercial is geared toward individuals and small businesses who desire professional results.

Zep Commercial Products include disinfectants, hand soaps, furniture and upholstery cleaners, indoor/outdoor cleaners, and odor control.  Zep Commercial Products are available at home improvement retailers nationwide.   Enforcer products include plumbing and drain products, pesticides, herbicides, rodenticides, and more.

Enforcer products are backed by the research of Zep, Inc. chemists to ensure superior safety and effectiveness.

Zep Cleaning Products’ Environmental Practices

Zep is committed to sustainable practices.  Their goals include the reduction of pollution, safe disposal of chemicals, protection of non-renewable natural resources and responsible chemical manufacturing.  Zep offers a GreenLink product line that meets strict environmental requirements.

Zep is also addressing sustainability through the operation of its facilities.   They are attempting to reduce waste and water usage and increase the use of recycled packaging.

Zep Cleaning Products’ Values & Mission

Zep Manufacturing Company believes strongly in the importance of their employees and superior customers service.  Therefore they focus on extensive employee training and strong customer relationships in order to become responsible corporate citizens.  The Zep, Inc. goal is to be a place where employees want to work in addition to achieving economic results.

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Leona Garzelli March 27, 2012 at 3:40 am

Dear Sirs,

Some of the ZEP products that my housekeeper uses have a strong scent that causes me to have severe headaches.

I’ve never used ZEP and she insists it’s what she wants to use in my house for cleaning.

We have opened windows and doors during cleaning with it, but I am asking if you have odorless products that she can use instead?

Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

Leona Garzelli

Judy Sullivan May 16, 2012 at 10:54 am

I am trying to locate a store that still sells Selig Commercial Patio Furniture Cleaner a ZEP product. It’s the best patio cleaner I have ever used.

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